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November 2008

Nov 27: Loux says he wasn't unethical in changing salaries
Nov 25: Yucca Mountain Discussed At Citizens Coffee
Nov 21: Demise of Yucca project predicted
Nov 20: County Seeks to Become an Interested Governmental Participant on the Yucca Mountain License
Nov 20: Attorneys rebut ethics charges
Nov 19: Wanted: More space to dump nuclear waste
Nov 17: Gibbons trying to recover money from Loux
Nov 16: UNR to study recycling spent nuclear fuel
Nov 10: YUCCA MOUNTAIN: Waste site critics see opening
Nov 13: Nuke folks worry
Nov 11: Bechtel SAIC ousted as Yucca Mountain manager
Nov 11: Yucca opponents look to Obama to block nuke dump
Nov 10: YUCCA MOUNTAIN: Waste site critics see opening
Nov: 1 IN BRIEF - Yucca rail hearing scheduled in Las Vegas

October 2008
Oct 31: Yucca manager changed
Oct 30: Firm wins Yucca Mountain management contract
Oct: 23: Schedule set to replace Loux
Oct 18: License hearings set for Yucca nuclear waste site
Oct 15: SHIPPING NUCLEAR WASTE: Hearings on Yucca rail line doable
Oct 11: Nevada sues over radiation limit
Oct 08: NEVADA DELEGATION'S LETTER: Public input on Yucca requested
Oct 4: NEI Nuclear Notes: Paul Newman on Nuclear Energy
Oct 4: Budget constraints shut Yucca info center
Oct 4: Back to basics
Oct 2: EPA offers a bit of comfort on cancer risk
Oct 01: NUCLEAR WASTE SITE: EPA sets Yucca radiation standards

Oct 01: NUCLEAR WASTE SITE: EPA sets Yucca radiation standards

September 2008
Sep 30: YUCCA MOUNTAIN BATTLE: Nuclear projects chief steps down
Sep 25: House restores Yucca Mountain funding in bill
Sep 19: NUCLEAR PROJECTS AGENCY: Yucca fight reaffirmed
Sep 18: NRC staff to discuss Yucca review

Sep 16: Activist wants probe of raises
Sep 12: NUCLEAR WASTE: Anti-Yucca effort won't change
Sep 12: Scientists question comparing nuclear waste storage costs
Sep 10: Objections to defense bill result in threat of Bush veto
Sep 09: WASTE DISPOSAL PLAN: NRC takes on Yucca application Sep 2: ABOVE THE LAW: America's nuclear angst
Sep 1: County's double-checking feds' work on Yucca - Las Vegas Sun

August 2008

Aug 30: Opinion: Yucca Mt. could help country and Nevada
Aug 29: YUCCA MOUNTAIN: 4,000 seek rejection of license
Aug 28: Switzerland next on nuclear waste foreign tour
Aug 27: Two in five Nevadans say Yucca Mountain not an issue in November election
Aug 26: Poll says Yucca not key to voters
Aug 23: Anti-McCain bus tour passes through town
Aug 22: NRC declines to throw out Yucca application
Aug 8: Our view on atomic power: As energy demands grow, nuclear deserves new look
Aug 5: Green Ink: Shifting Gears on Energy Policy
Aug 5: Obama Backs Using Oil Reserve
Aug 4: Nuclear plant hearing today
Aug 4: New Sanctions Sought on Iran
Aug 4: How to Get the Biggest Bang for $10 Billion -- II
Aug 4: Helping Humanity Starts at Home
Aug 4: British Energy Shareholders Prove Unrealistic
Aug 2: Can Congress Compromise on Energy?
Aug 2: Stock Slide Continues as Oil Rises
Aug 2: IAEA Approves India Nuclear Deal
Aug 1: Green Dragon: China's Clean-Energy Revolution

July 2008

Jul 31: Search finds two potential sites for spent nuclear fuel storage

Jul 09: YUCCA BUDGET: Panel cuts more than 20 percent
Jul 02: Federal board rebuffs opposition to rail application
Jul 02: So Much Radioactive Waste, So Little Time
Jul 01: Reid says McCain echoes Bush in talk of Yucca Mountain

June 2008

Jun 28: Senator offers alternative for Yucca project
Jun 26: McCain expounds on Yucca
Jun 24: DOE contract for Yucca Mountain attracts attention
Jun 20: Official confident Yucca plan to clear licensing challenges
Jun 18: House panel approves full funding for Yucca
Jun 13: LIKELY VOTERS: Reid lacks luster at home
Jun 07: Firm stays on Yucca Mountain case
Jun 06: Nevada lawmakers claim politics fuels Yucca bid
Jun 05: Nevada files challenge to Yucca license
Jun 04: JOHN L. SMITH: County Commission's slings and arrows add little to anti-Yucca fight
Jun 04: Commissioners plot repository opposition
Jun 04: DOE files to build Yucca

Jan 31: Timetable announced for layoffs at Yucca Mountain
Jan 30: Help sought for ex-Yucca workers
Jan 30: Nevada’s congressional delegation discuss Yucca Mountain
Jan 28: A real nowhere bill
Jan26: OPINION - Blame Harry
Jan 25: Republicans sponsor Yucca rescue measure - Bill already dead, Reid promises
Jan 25: Reid to soften unemployment jolt
Jan 25:Reid wants to help displaced Yucca workers find new jobs
Jan 24: Senators try to revive Yucca
Jan 24: Criticism falls on DOE plan for rail line
DOE plan for rail line
Jan 21: Nuclear Revival Rekindles Waste Concerns
Jan 24: GOP senators push Yucca storage of nuke waste
Jan 20: 10 years after plant closed, Zion slowly regains its glow
Jan 19: Nuclear Waste Disposal Varies
Jan 19: Waste remains nuke industry's elephant in room
Jan 18: Omissions in Nuclear Waste Scuffle
Jan 18: Yucca. Candidates pander on Nevada's nuclear waste site
Jan 15: More Yucca Mountain Layoffs Ahead, Schedule in Doubt
Jan 08: DOE lays off 63 workers

Dec 21: Nuclear panel's chief vows objectivity
Dec 20: Yucca Mountain research leaves doubt Dec 18: Congress cuts 22 percent from project
Dec 14: Yucca pledge turns mushy
Dec 13: Yucca database challenge rejected
Dec 13: Yucca contract to get review by Energy Department
Dec 06: Nevada fights law firm's deal at Yucca site
Dec 06: Yucca licensing documents missing
Dec 04: Reid chases more cuts to Yucca Mountain
Dec 04: Yucca plans draw public's ire
Dec 2: Yucca Mountain rail line hearing set for Monday
Nov 28: NRC puts complaint about Yucca on hold
Nov 28: Poll finds Nevada voters strongly oppose Yucca
Nov 15: Yucca engineer defends design of nuclear dump
Nov 10: Cortez Masto seeks to block Yucca license
Nov 07: DOE boosts Yucca team
Nov 01: Yucca project debated anew
Oct 31: Presidential hopefuls try to 'out-Yucca' one another
Oct 30: ENERGY DEPARTMENT COLLECTION: Database on Yucca challenged
Oct 27: Boxer invites Gibbons to speak about Yucca
Oct 26: Nuclear trade group plans to open office in Nevada
Oct 25: Gibbons says he was snubbed by Yucca Mountain Senate panel
Oct 25: Limits on waste at Yucca deflected
Oct 20: Key Yucca documents posted
Oct 19: Utilities unsure about nuclear waste canisters
Oct 18: Yucca hearing set, fulfilling Clinton campaign promise
Oct 17: State says safety at risk
Oct 05: DOE: Enlarge repository
Oct 01: Clinton call for Yucca hearing unfulfilled
Oct 01: Company awarded millions in nuclear storage lawsuit

Sep 26: Yucca review board in dark
Sep 24: Yucca fault line might spring surprise
Sep 21: Judge refuses to stop Yucca water use
Sep 14: DOE vows battle over water use
Sep 14: 'Bait and switch' intentions denied for Yucca site
Sep 14: Judges refuse to rule on document access
Sep 13: Officials suspect 'bait and switch' on Yucca
Sep 13: Second Yucca Mountain contractor announces plans for worker layoffs
Sep 12: Company preparing layoffs
Sep 11: Nevada considered for new type of nuke waste
Sep 11: State presses DOE on use of water
Sep 07: Water use, drilling go on
Sep 06: State notifies DOE
Sept 05: Nevada wins battle in war over Yucca

Aug 24: Nevada remains opposed to conceding Yucca water
Aug 18: State officials unsure of Yucca discussions
Aug 16: Judge questions sudden rush on Yucca drilling
Aug 14: Federal lawyers defend water use
Aug 10:Money vs. message on Yucca
Aug 20: State officials unsure of Yucca discussions
Aug 19: Reid says he will fight coal plant

Jul 19: State officials not content with Yucca plan
Jul 17:Dump panel appointee quits
Jul 7: Nye County envisions Gateway entry to Yucca
Jul 7: PETT peeve
Jun 20: Yucca Mountain team may have to stop using state water
Jun 28: Nuke director sees Yucca Mtn. as safe
Jun 27: Waste site request cut
Jun 21: Attempt at Yucca budget cut fails
Jun 21: House pans Yucca Internet strategy
Jun 20: Surface storage outlined
Jun 16: Experts doubt new schedule for carving Yucca Mountain
Jun 14: Water use faces challenge
Jun 02: Expert sees little concern with waste at Yucc
May 25: Yucca financing taking shape
May 24: National Problem: Nuclear dump concern grows
May 24: Bill puts Yucca on fast track
May 23: Nuke waste routes discussed
May 08: Yucca Mountain Rail Line: Reid steps in, sways tribe
May 07: Scrutiny increases on Yucca
May 07: Scrutiny increases on Yucca
May 01: Documents added to Yucca database
Mar 28: Report blames Yucca managers
Mar 17: Yucca cost projections outlined
Mar 15: QUALITY ASSURANCE: Yucca e-mails explained
Mar 07: Measure would speed licensing
Mar 05: YUCCA MOUNTAIN: Agency to release records
Mar 01: Nuclear waste dump still alive
Feb 16: Ex-director: Yucca project in jeopardy
Feb 16: YUCCA MOUNTAIN PROJECT: Berkley urges DOE to cancel firm's contract
Feb 15: Gibbons to candidates: Address Nevada issues
Feb 07: Agency seeks budget hike to block Yucca plan
Feb 06: DOE requests reduced Yucca Mountain budget
Feb 01: Yucca manager defends expense to restore project
Jan 31: Agencies to spend $25 million retracing key Yucca research
Jan 26: Official: Yucca Mountain rail to have little effect nationally
Jan 25: Radioactive waste chief defends Yucca
Jan 23: 'It may be time to stop digging'
Jan 18: DOE official upbeat on Yucca Mountain
Jan 12: Land set aside for Yucca rail study

News in 2006

Dec 22: Nuclear waste aging facility challenged
Dec 20: Lawmakers join to fight project
Dec 08: Yucca quality assurance targeted
Dec 08: Aide says Reid won't yield in opposing Yucca project
Dec 07: Senator vows to pursue Yucca
Dec 01: Yucca coalition presses Reid on 'abusing' powers
Nov 30: Yucca director downplays project timeline
Nov 29: Nuclear energy official urges look at waste storage options
Nov 28: YUCCA MOUNTAIN RAIL LINE: DOE seeks more land to examine
Nov 22: Guinn urges documents' release
Nov 20: Yucca rail line divides towns
Nov 15: Yucca Mountain plan gets warm walcome at hearing
Nov 09: Reid envisions ways to slow Yucca advance
Nov 03: NUCLEAR WASTE DUMP: 46 attend meeting on Yucca Mountain
Nov 02: YUCCA MOUNTAIN: Questions abound on nuclear waste
Nov 01: DOE adds Yucca meeting in Reno
Oct 31: Yucca Mountain session prompts dissatisfaction
Oct 25: Groups pressure DOE
Oct 21: GETTING NUCLEAR WASTE TO YUCCA: More time urged to examine route
Oct 14: Yucca public meetings slated
Oct 12: DOE to publish rail plan for Yucca
Oct 02: Scientists ponder future of Yucca Mountain dust
Sep 28: Measure hastens waste to Yucca
Sep 28: Judge dismisses Yucca suit, but state is happy
Sep 28: U.S.-India nuke treaty hits snags
Sep 21: Nuclear industry makes offer
Sep 18: Yucca project auditor ignored
Sep 15: Yucca arguments debated
Sep 14: Chief notes concerns with Yucca project
Sep 14: Industry executive says nuclear waste can remain at plants
Sep 09: Ads urge lawmakers: 'Fix Yucca Mountain'
Sep 08: Safeguards for nuclear waste called insufficient
Sep 01: State officials won't appeal ruling on Yucca Mountain
Aug 23: Porter calls repository 'broken'
Aug 19: Report faults DOE on nuclear waste
Aug 11: AIRSPACE: Air Force negotiating Yucca rights
Aug 09: Judges reject Nevada lawsuit
Aug 08: Porter seeks GAO review of new Yucca schedule
Aug 04: Project director says 'fix Yucca' bill must pass to make 2017 deadline
Aug 01: Reid notes connection between Yucca, 'Big Dig'
Jul 29: Bush administration says Yucca study not required
Jul 28: New Yucca analysis sought
Jul 20: Lawmakers question new cost for Yucca
Jul 19: New target set for receiving waste at Yucca
Jul 15: Layoff notices set for Yucca staff
Jul 11: Audit questions Yucca spending
Jul 08: MIT geologist finds fault with Yucca assessment
Jun 30: Senate panel cuts requested funding
Jun 29: Waste plan produces skepticism
Jun 23: Rail line option studied
Jun 22: Official: States should withhold money for Yucca
Jun 20: 19 vehicles removed from Yucca fleet
Jun 08: Consultant estimates Yucca Mountain costs
Jun 03: YUCCA MOUNTAIN RAIL LINE: Paiutes have terms
Jun 02: DOE eyes old rail plan
May 27: Energy, NRC nominees confirmed
May 24: Senators meet with nominee for NRC
May 18: Nuclear agency nominee testifies
May 18: Panel trims nuclear waste spending
May 17: Senators snap over mixed messages on Yucca project
May 12: Yucca funding advances
May 05: Criminal charges won't be filed in Yucca e-mail scandal
May 04: Survey suggests opposition
May 02: EPA vows to set mark
Apr 28: NUCLEAR REGULATORY COMMISSION: Nominee backs repository
Apr 26: Yucca e-mails bring no charges
Apr 20: Repairs, upgrades planned at nuclear waste dump site
Apr 20: Bigger repository backed in study preview
Apr 20: EDITORIAL: Nuclear reprocessing in Nevada?
Apr 18: Reid endorses UNLV bid for DOE contract
Apr 15: Nuclear project draws interest
Apr 14: Bodman emerges impressed
Apr 13: Yucca Mountain a must for nation, energy chief says
Apr 13: Reprocessing pland tied to Yucca delays, scientist tells panel
Apr 07: Repository proposal discussed
Apr 06: Measure a 'water grab'
Apr 05: Administration bill aims to expedite nuclear waste repository
Apr 01: University consortium selected for review of Yucca technical studies
Mar 31: Reid sees more cuts for Yucca Mountain
Mar 31: Berkley calls on DOE to fire Yucca Mountain cartoon man
Mar 29: Group urges action on waste
Mar 28: Scientists tout technology, research
Mar 25: Yucca probe forwarded
Mar 24: New report shows Yucca stuck in old errors, Porter says
Mar 23: Nevada chases Yucca Mountain documents, sues
Mar 16: Agency takes look at second waste site
Mar 14: Porter cancels Yucca meeting
Mar 10: NUCLEAR WASTE: Lawmakers snub reprocessing plans
Mar 09: 'Fix' vowed for Yucca
Mar 08: Congress won't act on Yucca legislation this year, senator says
Mar 07: Energy secretary's statement retracted by White House
Mar 04: UNTIL YUCCA GETS LICENSED: Nuke waste staying put
Mar 04: Porter might meet at proposed dump site
Mar 04: Anti-Yucca attorney recovering
Mar 03: Yucca Mountain repository costs may drop after new review
Mar 02: Yucca Mountain backers get assurance
Mar 01: Government must pay damages to utility
Feb 24: Nuclear industry envisions expansion of Yucca project
Feb 23: Yucca feeling heat on humidity
Feb 18: Yucca science data endorsed
Feb 10: TRANSPORT OF NUCLEAR WASTE: Panel says shipments safe
Feb 10: Senator who voted for Yucca calls for 'pause' on repository
Feb 09: Porter sets Yucca hearing
Feb 07: Contestant's mother says family threatened
Feb 07: New front for Yucca argument
Feb 03: State loses bid to see DOE's draft Yucca license application
Feb 02: Nuclear waste focus of talks
Jan 27: Nevadans fear new push
Jan 26: Dust-up over Yucca document
Jan 25: Legislator pursues agency
Jan 21: DOE renews contract
Jan 20: Miss Nevada supports nuclear waste facility
Jan 19: Laboratory gets expanded duties
Jan 13: Yucca Mountain planners reorganizing
Jan 12: Radioactive waste recycling criticized
Jan 06: Energy officials halt some work at Yucca Mountain



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