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Location of Yucca MountainU.S. Map showing location of Yucca Mountain

Map of Lander CountyMap of Lander
Lander County Location Map Siting location for Lander County in the State of Nevada
Potential Nevada routes for legal-weigth truck shipments of spent nuclear fuel and high-level radioactive waste to Yucca Mountain. (click for larger view) Caliente corridor route
Flood Plains of Central Lander CountyFlood plains
Crescent Valley Mine ResourcesCrescent Valley Mine Resources
Mining ResourcesMining resources
Zoning and Floodplains, Detail of Battle MountainZoning and floodplains, detail of Battle Mountain

Quick facts at a glance about the Yucca Mountain RepositoryLocation: 

Yucca Mountain is located on federal land in a remote area of Nye County in southern Nevada, about 100 miles northwest of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Land withdrawal area

The proposed Yucca Mountain repository withdrawal area would occupy about 230 square miles (150,000 acres) of federal land that is currently under the control of the U.S. Department of Energy, the U.S. Air Force, and the Bureau of Land Management.

No one lives at Yucca Mountain. The closest year-round housing is about 14 miles south of the site, in the Amargosa Desert.

Geology: Yucca Mountain is a ridge comprised of layers of volcanic rock, called “tuff.” This rock is made of ash that was deposited by successive eruptions from nearby volcanoes, between 11 and 14 million years ago. These volcanoes have been extinct for millions of years.

At its crest, Yucca mountain reaches an elevation of 4,950 feet.

Climate:  View current weather conditions Yucca Mountain receives less than 7.5 inches of precipitation on average per year.
The mean annual temperature is about 63° Fahrenheit.

Natural Resources: There are no known natural resources of commercial value at Yucca Mountain (such as precious metals, minerals, oil, etc.).