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High-Level Waste Disposal Regulations, Guidance, and Communications

The NRC Regulatory Agenda (NUREG-0936) is a semiannual compilation of brief descriptions of all rulemaking actions.

Guidance documents that may be useful to stakeholders are

  • "Preclosure Safety Analysis - Level of Information and Reliability Estimation." (ISG-02)
  • "Review Methodology for Seismically Initiated Event Sequences. (ISG-01)
  • "Branch Technical Position on the Use of Expert Elicitation in the High-Level Radioactive Waste Program" (NUREG-1563)
  • "Yucca Mountain Review Plan" (NUREG-1804, Final Revision 2) was published July 2003. A Federal Register notice responded to public comments received on the Draft Yucca Mountain Review Plan.
  • "Topical Guidelines for the Licensing Support System," Draft Regulatory Guide DG-3022, (Proposed Revision 1 of Regulatory Guide 3.69) was published in the Federal Register on July 2, 2002 for a 90-day public comment period. The public comment period ended on September 30, 2002. This draft guide is being developed to provide guidance acceptable to the NRC staff on the scope of documentary material that should be included in the Licensing Support Network. NRC staff will review the public comments received and issue Revision 1 of Regulatory Guide 3.69.

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